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Organic Gift Baskets For Cats, Puppies and Birds?!

I received this delightful picture from Ashley who received a gluten-free gourmet gift basket for her birthday from her mother. Ashley loved her gift basket and now her two "children" are loving it as well. Look at how content they are, and so regal!

I'm always very pleased to hear about the many uses for our gift basket packaging. Our jute bags are a good size and they are lined so they are great for grocery shopping. I heard from a client that her sister is using her jute bag, previously filled with Wellness Deluxe - All Organic gourmet goodies, to carry their new-born puppies back and forth to the office.

The fill that we use in our gift baskets is all natural wood excelsior. I received a call from a gentleman a few weeks ago who was very impressed that the birds in his backyard were taking it and building their nests with it. He was having so much fun watching them, he had to share!

When I selected our packaging, it was important that it be modern, stylish, eco-friendly, re-usable and recyclable. That was my criteria. I never imagined that cats, dogs and birds would be benefiting as much as they are, though, and that makes me so happy. I love gifts that keep on giving!